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Onboard users to crypto

incredibly fast

Marble is an email-based non-custodial wallet that takes seconds to set up

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The wallet for


Use Marble to onboard users to your application in seconds. Don't worry about seed phrases, extensions, or mobile applications.

  • Onboard users in seconds

    Our world-class onboarding helps your users get started in seconds instead of hours

  • Non-custodial

    Forget about private keys. Marble uses multi-party computation (MPC) and thereshold signatures to protect user assets

  • No extensions needed

    Use the Marble UI Kit or SDK to embed the wallet in your application

  • Designed for developers

    We strive to create world-class APIs so your team can focus on what matters most

  • Cross-chain first

    We're cross-chain first. You can use Marble on any chain we support

  • Embedded fiat on-ramp

    Marble embeds fiat on-ramps to make it easy for users to top up when they need to

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Onboard users in seconds with Marble's email-based non-custodial wallet.

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🔮 Marble


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